Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birthday feelings

I am playing second innings of my life.After 2006 the days are started.The New life,new thought.The life begins after that .So many people,so many activities in these 46 years of life!Those who was important in daily life ,they have gone ;Some came after them still standing at side when I need.Though the term 'need' is relative.Sometime we couldn't understand what's our requirement .To whom we need properly.But the time passed and our realization increased day by day. We are always searching for good friends or relatives in spite of they are standing over there.The days are going rather running with regular busy schedule.The time for enjoyment or different attitudes are required to be careful.So to follow and times are not stacked with  as usual jobs.I am always packed with so much different works that the term 'boring' couldn't exits its nature.No way to allow the term.But there are some depression may  try to take it's place which also run away to see my schedule.Before 2006 or little bit earlier days depression are seldom in life.I think it may stand by if you have time in hand.We should  rather I usually careful about my upset or depression with my own way.And always try to overcome it.Though don't know how long it will possible! Otherwise I am very happy with my job and different responsibility imposed upon there. Always want to enjoy various crucial possibilities not only in jobs but also public inside there.I think people are really very interesting in their critical nature. You couldn't understand their views or minds even they seem to rely on you!The days are rolling and I am taking interest in reading people.No problems can touch us whenever we would like to enjoy the situation.Though each and every time is not as easy as I am telling about.But we should solve those problems by our brain not by heart.So that we can manage those problems.Anyway ,the entire values and thinking which were theories before 2006 ,became practical after that.I and those who looked me at the time of critical condition never thought even I can walk in future.Even one of my so called friend expressed herself  by telling me that she wants to gift a 'lathi' to me for my future support.I am very happy that such kind of friend is  not now in my friend list and also lucky to be not taken such precious gift.But sometime afraid about my future not having walk or run which is very important of healthy life.Who knows what is in his or her future!Let us enjoy the present.